Summer Flambe'

The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles, book #2


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Book two of The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles, a novella, details Rachael's summer back home working in the family art restoration business, where chances of hooking up with her college crush hover between slim and none. Weirded out as her father's relationship with a ditsy young aerobics instructor heats up, Rachael soon finds herself living under the same room with both of them. But that cannot compare with the shockwave of her mom showing up with her new traveling-psychic 'partner', which sends her life into warp-speed wackadoo. The theft of an eccentric client's painting throws her another mind bender by unraveling a family secret and propelling Rachael into the arms of a wanted man.

A tangled thread of personal discovery, heartache, and resiliency ignites in SUMMER FLAMBE'.