The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles, book #9


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In book nine, Rachael O'Brien's plan to dispose of stolen property becomes sidetracked when she is forced to accompany her stepparent on a UFO-abductee interview near Roswell, New Mexico. A charismatic shaman and five star accommodations at a new-age soul-search retreat seem like the break she needs. But a hitchhiker telling of alien sightings and rumors of shriveled bodies fuels will theories, which run rampant. Tribal elders believe its's a sign that their ancient ancestors are angry while others are convinced aliens are to blame.

With trouble mounting, Rachael relies on a handsome lawman from her past for help. Sparks fly between them, but beneath the boundless blue skies and romantic starry nights, a mysterious evil lurks, threatening to overshadow the reunion.

SUNCHOKE pins Rachael O'Brien between myth and conspiracy as she races to make sense of the unexplained and attempts to align her orbit with destiny.