Hot Tamale

The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles, book #8


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Book eight of The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles begins as Rachael, who has now graduated, prepares for a transitional summer before applying to graduate school. Her journey to adulthood takes a detour when she finds herself road tripping with her redheaded nymphomaniac roommate. There's big trouble in the rearview mirror and unexpected mayhem on the horizon, thanks to a voodoo priestess who demands a favor.

Despite bumps in the road, her romantic life takes a turn for the better when she reunites with an illusive old flame. He likes to keep secrets, but this time Rachael is determined to know the real him and what he wants from her. Life turns south, landing her in Mexico where things turn deadly. 

This spicy tale of foreign intrigue tests Rachael's resolve and courage and will have you rooting for her to find her way in HOT TAMALE.