Deviled Ham

The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles, book #10

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In book ten, Rachael O’Brien’s blossoming relationship with a handsome FBI agent has lifted her romantic hopes, but being on the run from a murder charge presents a thorny conflict of interest for the lawman.

Determined to clear her name, Rachael enlists her worldly grandmother and her southern fried friends to help flush out the wily voodoo priestess who holds the key to exoneration. But plans are complicated with family dynamics when Aunt Gert, the Sunset Towers retirement homes newest tenant, declares the place is rife with devil worshippers hell bent on killing off the residents.

Inner strength and survival instincts are tested as Rachael struggles to prove her innocence, protect her family, and kindle a romance. Can she untangle the knots that bedevil her before all is lost?